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Vacation Rentals in Oak Island

Two Sees - Beautiful Waterfront Beach House on Oak Island
Charming views of the peaceful marshlands!
Escape to Oak Island
Awesome New Beach House On Pilngs, 12 Minute Walk To Beach, 3 Mins Wal
Adorable beach cottage
Making Memories At The Beach With Your Family!
A Green Room Is A Relaxing Ocean Retreat
Classic Oceanfront Oak Island Beach House Retreat
Beach Haven 205 SE 77th Street
You Name It 4326 E. Beach Drive
Point of View 406 Ocean Drive
Let It Be 104 SE 43rd Street
1 Step Closer 133 NE 34th Street
Beach Rental Home By Owner. Pet Friendly. Bike To The Beach.
Island Girl 4020 East Beach Drive
Bella Beach 315 East Beach Drive
Champagne Shore 6925 Kings Lynn Drive
La Famiglia 303 Ocean Drive
Paradise Palms 220 NE 43rd Street
Change of Pace 2324 West Dolphin Drive
A Reel Respite #2102 120 SE 59th Street
A Most Steller Place 4328 East Beach Drive
Good Karma 3726 East Beach Drive
O Sole Mio 1602 East Pelican Dr.
Wine & Roses 128 NW 10th Street
What a Catch 6606 West Beach Dr
Kathy's Dream 1930 E. Dolphin Drive
Abbey Road 113 East Beach Drive
Don't Worry Beach Happy 3316 West Beach Drive
Time Stands Still 303 Womble Street
This is it 326 East Beach Drive
Think Pink 3910 West Beach Drive
The Tides Whole House 2353 West Beach Dr
The Tides Down 2353 West Beach Drive
Mead Us At The Pier 1003 Ocean Drive
Ivy Cottage 2503 E. Beach Drive
Island Retreat 2717 West Beach Drive
Heavenly Days 7705 East Oak Island Drive
Dave's Leg-A-Sea 3017 West Beach Drive
Altamarea 7601 East Beach Drive
Clearly Hooked #210 700 Ocean Drive
Wait N Sea #108 700 Ocean Drive
Reel Buzz #118 700 Ocean Drive
Kid's Playhouse #215 700 Ocean Dr
Ocean Front Paradise #903 1000 Caswell Beach Rd.
Rey del Mar 7301 E. Oak Island Drive
Breaking Waves 4007 East Beach Drive
Cuddle Fish 6321 West Beach Drive
Sea Dogs 118 West Beach Drive
Marsh Memories 2514 Marsh Hen Dr.
The SunDowner 203 14th Place East
Keep N IT Reel #116 700 Ocean Drive
Sailor's Haven OW #2301 105 SE 58th Street
A View To Sea #2201 120 SE 59th Street
Diamond in the Rough 1025 West Beach Drive
Latitude Adjustment 1128 E. Beach Drive
Double T by the Sea 3909 West Beach Drive
Nexta-C 3526 E.Beach Drive
Saboutime 5411 W. Beach Drive
Coastal Breeze 4314 East Beach Drive
Spoiled Rotten 3609 West Beach Drive
You 'N Sea 103 SE 74th Street
Yorkshire 3915 West Beach Drive
Yonder 6927 Kings Lynn Drive
Ye Olde Salt 719 West Beach Dr
Yanchaville 201 East 14th Place
Wright on the Water - 2nd Floor 5108 W. Bch Dr.
Wright on the Water 1st Floor 5108 W. Bch Dr.
Wright On the Water 5108 West Beach Drive
Woodlands Wonder 161 NW 11th Street
Windward Mark 4529 West Beach Drive
Wind Swept 2207 East Beach Drive
White Sails 1323 West Beach Drive
Whispering Tides 5409 West Beach Drive
Sea Castle Dreams 3001 West Beach Drive
Waterway Chalet 4002 East Yacht Dr
Wahoo 5121 West Beach Dr
Vicki's Therapy SSV #108 122 S.E. 58th Street
Unforgettable 1112 East Beach Drive
Uncle Ed's 123 East Beach Drive
Turtle Watch Too 521 Caswell Beach Drive
Turtle Tracks West 5522 East Beach Dr.
Turtle Tracks East 5522 East Beach Dr.
Turtle Soup 123 SE 67th Street
Turtle Sands 3725 E. Beach Drive
Turtle Nest 2221 East Beach Drive
Tu-Endi-Wei 2925 East Beach Drive
Troxler Hideaway SSV #102 58th & East Beach Dr.
Tokidoki 6719 West Beach Drive
Time in a Bottle 6705 West Beach Drive
The Wake Zone 5512 E Beach Drive
The View Unit #44 Foxfire Trace
The Seashell 311 Womble St.
The Pig 3309 West Beach Drive
The Palm Unit #402 1000 Caswell Bch Rd.
The Last Chance 627 East Beach Drive
The Hideaway Unit #3 209 SE 77Th Street
The GetAway 6901 West Beach Dr.
The Dolphin Unit #1201 1000 Caswell Bch. Rd.
The Bessie-B 2009 West Beach Drive
The Beach House 427 Caswell Beach Road
Terry-Lar Unit#2 7609 East Beach Drive
Tamar 2510 East Beach Drive
Tahiti Sweetie 2318 West Beach Drive
Sweet Retreat 101 Martin Lane
Sweet Carolina 702 West Dolphin Drive
Surviving Stress 507 Caswell Bch. Rd.
Surfsong 2529 West Beach Drive
Surfrider 103 SE 42nd Street
Surf Watch 1613 East Beach Drive
Super Snark 5227 East Beach Drive
Sunny Days and Starry Nights Unit #908 1000 Caswel
Sunkissed 2 230 West Dolphin Drive
Sun Princess 1615 East Beach Drive
Sun Kissed 206 SE 77TH ST.
Summer Wind West 6721 West Beach Drive
Summer Sands 127 West Beach Drive
Summer of 42 623 Caswell Beach Rd.
Statehouse 1126 East Beach Drive
Southport by the Sea 102 SE 74th Street
Southern Sky Unit # 1 7609 East Beach Dr.
Southern Exposure SSV # 3205 122 SE 58th Street
Southern Comfort West 1629 E. Beach Drive
Southern Comfort East 1631 E Beach Drive
Southern Comfort All 1629 East Beach Dr.
Sound Sleeper 6016 West Beach Drive
Solitude 3720 East Beach Drive
Snapdragon 3518 East Beach Drive
Skimmer 2507 West Beach Drive
Shorely Blessed 3202 E. Dolphin Dr
Shorebird 5708 West Beach Drive
Shore Quarters 2201 East Beach Drive
Shore Nuff' Unit #3101 120 S.E. 59th St..
Shock Wave 522 West Beach Drive
Ships Bounty 2024 West Beach Dr.
Shifting Sands 2229 East Beach Drive
Shellington 907 East Beach Drive
Shelburne 6605 West Beach Drive
Seventh Heaven 309 East Beach Drive
Serenity Too 2007 West Beach Dr.
Serendipity 208 Trott Street
Selah 519 West Beach Drive
See the Sea 2618 East Beach Drive
See Sea All 107 Sellers Street
See Otter 3222 East Pelican Drive
Second Wind 3222 East Beach Drive
SeaWard's Fun 2705 W Beach Dr
Seaside Escape OW #4202 105 SE 58th Street
Seaside Dream 3510 East Beach Drive
Seaside 707 West Beach Drive
Seas the Moment #105 700 Ocean Drive
Sea-vu-Play 108 SE 56th Street
Sea Ya There #212 700 Ocean Drive
Sea Sage 1625 East Beach Drive
Sea Oats 1634 East Beach Drive
Sea N is Believe N #211 700 Ocean Drive
Sea Fever 323 East Beach Drive
Sea Change 129 West Beach Drive
Sea Breeze SSV #3105 122 S.E. 58th Street
Sea and Stars 6315 West Beach Drive
Sea and Sound 5717 West Beach
Sandy Toes 1922 East Beach Drive
Sandy Paws 220 West Dolphin Drive
Sandy Feet 1728 West Beach Drive
Sandy Dunes 2915 East Beach Drive
Sandpiper 3319 West Beach Drive
Sandlewood 527 West Beach Drive
Sandblast 219 West Beach Drive
Sand Walker 1005 West Beach Drive
Sand Trap 2528 West Beach Drive
Sand Between My Toes 2307 West Beach Drive
Sand Age 6005 West Beach Drive
Sanctuary Much 3002 West Beach Drive
Salt & Light 4321 East Beach Drive
Russell in the Wind 1617 E. Beach Drive
Rose Dew 3710 East Beach Dr.
Rest Judicata 217 Barbee Blvd.
Rest Assured 211 Barbee Blvd.
Reflections 711 West Beach Drive
Reel Joy SSV #3202 122 S.E. 58th St
Red and Brown 5129 West Beach Drive
Rebel's Roost 6317 West Beach Drive
Ready Reserve 3917 West Beach Drive
Re-Juvenated 6613 West Beach Dr
R&R 2310 West Beach Drive
Quality Time 1906 East Beach Drive
Port Richmond 229 West Beach Drive
Pleasant Days 617 East Beach Drive
Plantation Lady 1627 E. Beach Drive
Plane To Sea 3911 West Beach Drive
Pirates in Paradise 320 East Beach Drive
Pirate's View 7801A East Beach Drive
Pilot House 117 West Beach Drive
Phat Fish 3325 West Beach Drive
Pelicans Roost 3520 East Pelican Dr.
Pelican House 1001 Ocean Drive
Pelican Flight 7701 East Beach Drive
Pelican Crossing 2345 West Beach Dr.
Paws Awhile 2021 W Dolphin Drive
Patriot's Dream 3704 East Beach Dr.
Paradise Point 6945 Kings Lynn Drive
Papa's Place 202 Barbee Blvd
Oyster Catcher 225 West Beach Drive
Overdraft 2023 West Beach Drive
Out of The Loop 624 East Beach Drive
Our Place At The Beach 623 East Beach Drive
Our Palm Beach SSV #3204 122 S.E 58th St
On Holiday 609 East Beach Drive
Off Belay ! 1301 West Beach Dr.
Ocean Potion 2209 East Beach Drive
Ocean Hideaway 113 SE 64th Street
Ocean Delight 3312 West Beach Drive
Ocean Breezes 3027 West Beach Drive
Oak Island Diamond 2010 West Beach Drive
228 West Beach Drive Inactive Property
Nutty M&M's 523 West Beach Drive
Nothin Could Be Finer 6607 West Beach Drive
Noah's Ark 2217 East Beach Drive
No Worries 920 E. Beach Drive
No Regrets 2908 East Beach Drive
Neet - Bill 2912 East Beach Drive
Nauti Times 310 East Beach Drive
Narnia 3611 West Beach Drive
My Favorite Place OW #1202 105 SE 58th Street
Ms. Grace 5407 West Beach Drive
Mr Beach 2019 West Beach Drive
Moonlight Serenade 3213 East Beach Drive
Moondance 203 Crowell St
Misty Sea 3604 West Beach Drive
Miramar 501 Ocean Drive
Miracle Point 6941 Kings Lynn Drive
Merry Meeting Unit # 3102 120 SE 59th St
Mead Us At The Beach 4329 East Beach Drive
Mary's Place 3524 E. Pelican Dr
Mary's Boys 3923 West Beach Drive
Marsh Mellow 2524 Marsh Hen Drive East Beach
Marsh Madness 5724 West Beach Dr.
Mackerel Sky Whole House 1127 East Beach Dr.
Mackerel Sky West 1127 East Beach Dr.
Mackerel Sky East 1127 East Beach Dr.
Lyndhurst 2021 West Beach Drive
Luna Sea Whole House 1918 East Beach Drive
Luna Sea Dn 1918 East Beach Drive
Luna Sea Up 1918 East Beach Drive
Lucky Duck 3221 East Beach Dr.
Low Tide 110 SE 55th Street
Love & Luck SSV #107 58th St & East Beach Dr
Looney Dunes 2519 West Beach Drive
Lone Star Unit Unit #3103 120 S.E. 59th Street
Little Ocean View 211 Sherrill St