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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my house?

Our listings are provided by Homeaway, FlipKey, and AirBnB. If you list your rental on any of their sites, your listing should show up on Rentmix within a few days.

What do the dollar signs represent?

Roughly, '$' is up to $100 per night, '$$' is up to $200 per night, '$$$' is up to $400 per night, '$$$$' is up to $800, and '$$$$$' is beyond $800.

What's the best way to browse the rentals?

Try using the up and down keyboard arrows to scan through listings and the left and right arrows to scan through pictures.

I have a partnership opportunity. Who do I contact?

Email us at

Don't see an answer to your question?

We'll be happy to answer your question directly.

For a general question, post to our discussion group. For a private question, email us at